Friday, June 13, 2014

Working, boxed Oric Atmos

The brilliantly named Tangerine Computer Systems released the Oric Atmos, the successor to the modestly successful Oric-1, back in 1984. The micro sported the same 6502A CPU the Oric-1 had and was actually more or less the same machine, albeit with a vastly improved keyboard, more available accessories and a debugged ROM. Also, the Atmos was the more beautiful of the two.

As the Atmos is nowadays quite the rarity, you'll be happy to know that this particular Oric Atmos has recently appeared on eBay. The auction is for a working, boxed computer, a mostly working disk drive, the manual, two books, a selection of disks and a few more bits and pieces. Actually, better have a look at the detailed description the seller provides. Shipping only within the UK.

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