Monday, June 2, 2014

ZX Spectrum +2 w/ games

Ah, yes, the handy, all-in-one 128k version of the Speccy by Amstrad... Didn't have one of these appear on Retro Treasures for quite some time, but, well, here's a great ZX Spectrum +2 auction for you now. The micro is in full working order and is accompanied by its manual, power unit and a selection of games that includes Cobra, the Screen Heroes compilation, Fantasy World Dizzy and The New Zealand Story.

Seller ships only within the United Kingdom.


  1. Notice this is the grey model, also known as +2B, and its power supply can be replaced with an universal p.a. if needed. Unluckily, I found a +2A model, which has a black case and a weird power supply, that wasn't included. To replace it, I had to search the web and find some schemes to adapt a 230W power supply from an old PC. So, the grey case model is definitely the way to go.

    1. A wise observations dear Mik! Thanks :)