Monday, December 19, 2011

Original 128k boxed Macintosh

The original Macintosh was much more than an innovative personal computer. It was a thing of beauty. An excellently designed and incredibly elegant machine that, despite being very expensive indeed, managed to appeal to every creative and digitally oriented person. Impressively the machine, its excellent GUI and that compact, crisp black and white screen have aged to perfection.

Anyway. Time to get to this post's point and share with you an amazing Macintosh 128k eBay auction that is so very tempting. The seller is actually offering a complete, boxed, original Macinstosh that even comes  with its styrofoams. You will among other stuff be getting the properly original keyboard, mouse, 128k power cord,  owner's manual, Tour of Macintosh tape & diskette, MacPaint, MacWrite, Alice Through The Looking Glass, some Apple stickers and quite a few more disks. Seller ships worldwide!


  1. A couple days ago we were discussing here at work on how revolutionary has been Apple in the past century, and how their price tags were appropriate for such wonderful machines. Too bad we can't tell the same nowadays. But, why this discussion? Well, expect a surprise from my blog :)

  2. Now that does indeed sound exciting... :)