Friday, March 18, 2011

Boxed ZX Spectrum Plus

The ZX Spectrum + has been my main retro gaming platform of choice for quite some time now and I frankly can't help but recommend it. It's a slightly but crucially updated 48k Spectrum, it's small, it's beautiful and can run thousands of excellent games. What's more, the thing is cheap and you should be able to grab this complete, boxed ZX Spectrum + for a very reasonable price. Seller ships throughout Europe.


  1. Too bad it isn't tested- I have a +1 too, but the keyboard membrane just doesn't seem to work. Still I like how they changed the keyboard layout and the overall look, making it more a computer than a toy.

  2. My feelings exactly. And that reset button is also handy. A lovely little thing, that will only be partly retired when I grab my proper Spectrum 128k.