Monday, March 28, 2011

Nintendo Spitball Sparky G&W

Released back in 1984 by Nintendo, Spitball Sparky is a highly collectible and very rare -especially when boxed- installment in the Game & Watch series of classic handhelds. Interestingly, the game was the closest to color gaming any of the G&W ever managed, what with a coloured sheet sitting on top of its screen. Hence its full name, which is none other than the Spitball Sparky SuperColor Game & Watch. You can bid on it via this Spitball Sparky auction. Seller ships worldwide, and the console comes complete in its original box. Oh, and everything seems to be in near mint condition.  


  1. The drawing of old Sparky there reminds me not a little bit of the egg spitting Birdo enemies from Super Mario 2. Perhaps there's a connection in there someplace designer-wise!

  2. Wouldn't surprise me now that you mention it...