Saturday, March 5, 2011


The PC Engine Duo is a fantastic little console that combines the original PC Engine with its CD expansion in one handy set that can play both HuCards and CD-ROMs. The PC Engine Duo-R is the same lovely console, only more streamlined, better looking, but also lacking a headphone port. Oh, and you can grab a PC Engine Duo-R right now via eBay. It comes in its original box and the seller ships worldwide.


  1. You may lose the head phone port, but it's a more reliable machine. The original Duo suffered from bad caps in it's audio hardware. This would cause the audio to fail over time. (Had to have mine rebuilt) But, if you like JRPGs this is one of the best consoles to have. Xak, Xanadu, Emerald Dragoon, Anearth, Far East of Eden, etc, etc...

  2. Thank you so much for the tip and info Raphael. Deeply appreciated. Truth be said, I 've been thinking about giving classic JRPGs another chance lately. Xanadu always sounded interesting.

  3. There are two Xanadu Games on the PCE. The second one looks like the better of the two.

    I have them, but haven't played them. I've entered into a funny part of my life. I have the money now to be able to buy the weird old imports. But I don't really have the time to play them. I like collecting, but I sort of feel like I'm stockpiling games to play later...

    All in all, the PCE is my favorite console. It really captures the classic feeling of bubble era Japan. And, it's a lot more accessible than the comparable machines from the same time period. (FM-77, PC88, etc...)

  4. Now, that is simply unfair. Having the money, but not the time I mean. This is why I hereby grant you 6 gaming hours a week. Not much my friend, but better than nothing I suppose :)

    Oh, and once again thanks for the links!