Sunday, July 1, 2007

Official Sega Dreamcast Arcade Joystick (& 2 Lovely Games!)

Whilst my esteemed colleagues Mr. Gnome and Mr. Elderly trawl the net to find you obscure retro gaming items of interest, I simply continue my own self indulgent wankfest, by simply churning out Saturn and Dreamcast related posts. Ho hum!

Well here's another item I covet, and one of the only Dreamcast peripherals I do not own... (BTW I couldn't post the pics from the ebay auction for some reason, so for illustrative purposes, the arcade joystick thingy is the white box with the green buttons in the picture...)

But wait! Not only can you buy the lovely Joystick thingy but also Japanese imports of Capcom vs. SNK and Powerstone 2. One is a lovely 2D beat 'em up (that's what the Joystick is designed for) and the other is one of the most innovative and frantic 3D weapon based fighters available...

If only I hadn't spent so much money on game related shit, that I'm now in a financial nightmare, I'd definitely buy it!

If you are not currently in crisis talks with your bank manager (like me) why don't you invest in this lovely little package? you can find it here...


  1. Powerstone 2? Never heard of it. WTF 's wrong with me? Seems quite the classic. Oh, and I've actually tried using the joystick, which admitedly is quite fantastic. Only thing is I've only found one for 50+ euros.

  2. I am still kick myself for not buying that street fighter controller for the Dreamcast.

    And I saw a third party arcade controller for the Dreamcast I didn't get either...

    I have NEVER seen one of the offical ones though.

    ...ah well.

  3. ...self indulgence has it's drawbacks, however this post isn't one... never heard of the controller or the game, neat find!!

    erm no pun intended with the drawback thingy