Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Divers 2000 Edition Dreamcast

My first post for this most esteemed of blogs was a pretty useless one (and they haven't improved much since). I showed you a lovely piece of Retro gaming beauty, but had nowhere to show you where you could buy one. Well I've become learned in the way of the Retro Treasure, and now thanks to my good friend Nebachadnezzar, I have a place and a price...

For here you can buy a lovely Divers 2ooo Dreamcast, perhaps the most coveted console I can think of along with the Hi Saturn Navi.

But £675? That's a hell of a lot of money! Still, its comparable to the price of a PS3, and the Dreamcast software is about a 16th of the price of PS3 software... I'd definitely buy this, if it wouldn't cost me my marriage. And I'd definitely rather this than a PS3...

Wanna know more about this lovely? Look here...


  1. Now, that's what I call discovering a true rarity! Congratulation Father, an amazing find.... Quite tempting till I saw the price too...

  2. Damn,

    Now THATS a console I would spend money on. Not the PS3.

    Pure beauty.

    I wish more of these were produced.

    If I ever get a permanent living area I am gonna set up a Dreamcast and a VGA monitor up so it kinda looks like that.

    Ah well...I might get some cool looking handgun-lightguns for the Dreamcast soon so I suppose that will tide me over.

  3. Divers 2000 or marriage.... tough call..... FK

    (elderly mentions the affilate ebay link again, for all the good it'll do him.....)

  4. I wouldn't hope with that dear Elderly.... I've even tried emailing FK, but to no avail...