Monday, July 16, 2007

Re: Retro Treasures

Retro Treasures, a most cunningly and if we may say so ourselves (which we apparently do) aptly named blog, is the daily resource of retro gaming pleasure both for the collector and the nostalgic or historically inclined gamer. We constantly search,, ebay.anywhere, Play-Asia, and a variety of other sites & forums to bring you the most obscure, rare, fun or plain cheap in retro gaming, complete with descriptions, links, advice, freebies and of course guides on your retro shopping.

Expect anything from ridiculously rare NES and Atari 2600 games, to obscure consoles, to Amiga 500 computers, to 8-bit micros, to huge gaming bundles, to pen and paper RPGs, to classic PC adventures and everything in between. Oh, and if you would like to promote your auction/sale of any kind, do drop us a line. That's what the Contact Us! link is there for you know...

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