Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Super Famicom Jr.

Both the Super Famicom and of course its westernized SNES were incredibly popular 16-bit gaming machines, but of course you know that and have most probably spent more than a few days of your lives enjoying such classics as Super Metroid and Super Mario World. On the other hand, you might also be aware of the fact that the Super Famicom Jr. is the rarest part of said successful 16-bit Nintendo family, and thus the more expensive one too. Happily you can grab a decently priced one via Play Asia by following this aptly named link: Super Famicom Jr.


  1. Indeed. A slightly pricey one, but definitely beautiful.

  2. I always wondered why they changed the North American SNES controller buttons to purple. The console design is completely different too.

  3. Never really found that out myself Josh. Oh, and welcome!

  4. Did you say decently priced?

    1. Well, it was discounted when I linked it :)