Thursday, February 10, 2011

eBay Rampage: Commodore 64

Seems the time has come for the resurrection of the Retro Treasures features, starting with this very eBay Rampage focusing on the Commodore 64. It is after all the most popular 8-bit home micro ever developed and a computer that managed to sport excellent music capabilities thanks to the legendary SID chip and some rather brilliant graphics, complete with sprite moving capabilities. The hundred of classic games that appeared on the thing (both on disk and tape) were thus to be expected. The average, unboxed C64 shouldn't cost you more than 50$, 36 euros or 30 pounds.

Nice Commodore 64 lot. US, ends 10 Feb. 2011.

Brilliantly boxed C64 collection. UK, ends 11 Feb. 2011. 

17 excellent C64 games. US and Canada, ends 15 Feb. 2011.

A Commodore 64 with its disk drive. US, ends 12 Feb. 2011.

Dungeons and Dragons fun for the C64. Worldwide, ends 13 Feb. 2011.

Classic Commodore Monitor. N. and S. America, ends 14 Feb. 2011.

Two cheap and slightly risky C64s. UK, ends 10 Feb. 2011.

A rather mega Mega Mix. Europe, Buy It Now


  1. Some friends told me that monitor is the best way to plug any past generations console. It'd be nice to have one, but shipping is way too expensive and I can't seem to find one near me. But if you can put your hands on it, just do it.

  2. Oh my stars and garters - it is going to take me a bit to go through all the CBM goodness.

    Wow - nice selection of boxed Infocoms - I'll have to watch that one. I didn't even realize they made Beyond Zork for the C64. I thought it was a little newer than that.

    Some guy here in town was giving away 2 of those monitors for free a couple of years ago on Craigslist but by the time I called him somebody had already snagged them. So I'm still hooked up to the TV. Darn!

  3. Phillips made a great CRT monitor - the CM8833-II - back in the day. It was brilliantly clear and used the same tube as the tope-of-the-line CBM monitors. Used to have it hooked up to my Snes, but it got chucked in a housemove. :(

    You should be able to get them on eBay these days. Colour and greenscreen modes. There was an input on the back (can't remember what sort) and it had composite in on the front. Lots of Amiga owners used them, as it consistently scored high in Amiga Format, etc. Apparently, you can still get spares from Phillips as of 2008. More recently than that, I can't be certain.

  4. That top UK auction looks good. It has a multi-cart adapter, which was a must for quickly carts without having to swap them over all the time.

  5. @ Mik: That does sound like a brilliant idea actually; it should work. Truth be said the shipping costs are too high for me too. Besides a good monitor for my Amiga remains a top priority.

    @ MadPlanet: Missing on that Craiglist offer must have been incredibly nasty. Oh, well, at least you can bid on those fantastic Infocom titles, which I expect will pick up in price quite a bit. Mind you, Infocom ported everything to everything due to their z-machine. There are even dedicated C128 Infocom offerings.

    @ Bob: I must I admit I haven't ever given the CM8833 a try. Actually, I wasn't ever of its existence. I'm sure to check it out though and possibly even grab one, especially if they come with stereo sound. Thanks! And yes, that UK auction is quite amazing.

  6. That Infocom lot closed at over $200. I was disappointed - would have loved to put some boxed Infocom games on my shelf. They would have been perfect for my C128 :\

  7. I fully understand the feeling, but truth be said the price does make sense. Unfortunately my friend Infocom is too expensive. :( and :/