Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Retro Treasures Collection

I had been searching for ways to make the Retro Treasures facebook page more interesting for quite some time now, and have thus -and finally- decided to start posting pictures of my gaming collection there. You can see them piccies from the first bunch of the Retro Treasures collection here. Expect more or less regular updates. Oh, and some hardware should soon make its appearance.


  1. Wonderful to see your great collection seeing the light of day!

    Once I'm done with all my crazy Toy Fair coverage at the Preserve I'll get back to posting my Master System and Magnavox Odyssey 2 piece at a time.

  2. LOTS of good stuff in there Gnome. Big fan of SQIV and the Infocom stuff of course (you're probably getting sick of hearing me say that) but I also noticed you had The Hobbit too. I used to have that game for the C64 - haven't seen it in forever. Thanks!

  3. Thanks my friend. Glad you liked the piccies. As for the Hobbit, it is indeed an old favourite, though I have only played the Spectrum version. As for our gaming tastes, they do remain most compatible :)

    Oh, and I will eventually -soon actually- be photographing and uploading more stuff.