Thursday, May 1, 2008

A boxed / mint Atari Jaguar

Atari JaguarAh, yes, the dawn of 64-bit gaming, do the math and the demise of Atari. A sad story really, but a pretty impressive console and some great games. Oh, well. Better try this Atari Jaguar (boxed) & 3 games auction @ eBay. Seller ships worldwide. As for the included games, they are Club Drive, Kasumi Ninja and Cybermorph. The Jaguar usually sells for over 20£, 40$ or 25 euros, whereas the average game goes for much less; say 5-10$.


  1. Kasumi Ninja is that Mortal Kombat rip-off, isn't it?

    Oh well, the only decent Jaguar game is not included anyway...

    Still a good auction for curious retrogamers, though.

  2. Actually, I've always considered Kasumi Ninja a fun -if weird- little game. Oh, and you'd definitely be surprised by the ammount of good Jaguar games around. Actually, there are quite a few being produced even to this day!

  3. Isn't there a scottish character that shoots fireballs out of his kilt? xD

    I've exaggerated a bit in my previous comment. I meant to say the only excellent Jaguar game, not the only decent one, because I know there are more.

    But they still make them to this day? Now that I didn't know!

  4. Yes! That's the one with the fireballing crotch... genius, innit? :p

    Oh, and yes they do... there's a huge homebrew and commercially indie scene creating both cartridges (mainly Songbird productions) and (mainly) CD based games.