Monday, May 19, 2008

Boxed mint Amstrad GX4000

Amstrad GX4000 boxAmstrad GX 4000I've seen Amstard GX4000 consoles go for 15£, I know that they usually sell for 40-45£, but a boxed one with a BuyNow price of 25£ (31 euros) is a rare bargain indeed. More so when both the console and box are practically unused, boxed, in mint condition and in their complete glory. So, uhm, here's the link to a boxed Amstrad GX4000 console. Seller ships within the E.U. only. Oh, and a previous Retro Treasures post on the thing should be quite enlightening too.


  1. I found one of these boxed and complete with Burning Rubber at a boot sale once. It came home with me for a nice £5. Happy days!!