Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sir Clive's Z88 Computer

Cambridge Research Sinclair Z88Having sold the ZX Spectrum line and the Sinclair brand to Amstrad but having wisely kept Sinclair Research to himself, everyone's favourite genius, Sir Clive Sinclair, went on and produced a truly innovative portable computer: the Cambridge Research Z88. It was the first truly affordable laptop that was actually small enough to carry around, featured a smart built-in screen and a ton of PDA-like & business software. The rather powerful machine happily sold pretty well too and you can find out more about it over at Planet Sinclair, Old-Computers.com and Vintage Computing & Gaming.

To grab a decently preserved computer, complete with manual, 128kb RAM, 15 issues of Z88 EPROM and an assortment of goodies, you could try this lovely Cambridge Z88 Computer eBay auction. Seller ships within the UK only. The average Z88 sells for something around 30£.

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