Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quarterstaff :Tomb of Setmoth

Infocom Quarterstaff BoxQuarterstaff Tomb of SetmothQuarterstaff Infocom RPG MacLike the pictures above? Love RPGs? Care for Infocom classics? Have (more than) enough money to spend on you video games fetish? Own a Mac? Well, then this Infocom Quarterstaff RPG eBay auction should be just for you. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Awesome..!!! Even comes with official paperwork!!

    The last game I had on hard disks was called Goblins. Ever play it?

  2. If you mean Gobliins by Sierra, the adventury puzzle game, I've played and utterly loved it!

  3. I so miss the times when there was more to a game than just the floppy disk/cassette/cd. We were treated to great cover art, great manuals often full of helpful hints, great artwork or additional details about the game's story, and all kinds of great extras to enhance our experience.

    Nowadays it's just a fucking dvd case with the respective disc and a crappy manual with a dozen of pages ...

  4. I absolutely agree... Still, even after all those years, I actually enjoy going through old boxes with all their maps, manuals, catalogues, weird stuff, etc... And them Infocom games... how absolutely brilliant..

  5. At least nowadays we still have the special editions, they usually come with all sorts of crazy stuff. The Oblivion one (of which I'm a proud owner) comes with a real Septim coin :D

  6. To some point I guess... Even the special editions are usually an extra dvd that I can see on youtube before hand...

  7. Don't even start about the lack of extra stuff in video games today...

    I got a Special edition Ultima CD collection (Dungeons) at a flea market awhile back and FULL of maps and stuff. Compare that to the Jade Empire Special Edition I got for the PC. That SE didn't even come with a MAP! Just a few character concept art sketches.

    My ultima 6 Wing commander pack came with a map and 2 Manuals for Ultima 6 a HUGE manual for Wing Commander and a crapload of Blueprints of all the space craft. That was a re-released!

    Maybe I am just lame but I like the cloth maps and cards and all the little extras that used to come with games. Nowadays all we seem to get is the game and manual and for most budget priced re-releases they have the Manual as a PDF on the disk! WTF!

    I complained to Little Miss Gamer at PBC-Productions and she read part of my letter in one of her videos.

    Oh and I play Gobliiins on my Dreamcasst using ScummVM...That game is hard...

  8. A Septim coin is quite impressive indeed dear Nebachadnezzar, but -unfortunately- as Deitrix already pointed quite the exception, really.

    Ah, well remmebered Caleb, well remembered. And I remember the ultra-heavy compilation boxes of sierra, coming with hundreds of pages worth of manuals and a ton of freebies. Still, love a filled game-box you know. And Gobliiins too :) Just stick with it...

  9. Unfortunately yes, special or limited edition doesn't always mean quality and original extras, but there are some great examples of excellent editions.

    The World of Warcraft SE, for example, comes with a cloth map and a huge hardcover artwork book. Diablo II (a special version I, regrettably don't own) back in the day already had a DVD with all the game's cinematics in high quality video.

    NeverWinter Nights 2 comes with a ring and a little figurine, I think (not sure on this one), and The Witcher also has some pretty cool stuff.

    Apparently RPG's are the most blessed genre when it comes to quality special editions. Oblivion, for example, (probably my most coveted game, after the limited Gran Turismo 4 edition I have, only 4000 units were made and I have one :D) is truly amazing. A beautiful crafted cardboard box with the map of the game printed on it, a poster with the actual map, the usual bonus DVD, the already mentioned Septim replica and a book with lore of the game's universe. Wish there were more like it...

    Compared to it my other two Xbox 360 special editions suck. Both Gears of War and Mass Effect only come in a metal box with the bonus dvd and an artwork book. ME also comes with a little booklet about the game's universe, but nothing compared to the huge Oblivion one.

  10. Ah, yes, well spotted. Truth be said, PC special editions do tend to be quite a bit richer, though unfortunately I have very few of them, though I have got this utterly fantastic Warcraft 3 box, complete with extra DVD, art book, posters and a nice s.e. manual.

    Now, of course, and besides waiting for the Warhammer Online special, I'm thinking of the Diablo 2 and Oblivion offerings you just mentioned too...

  11. OMFG, you have the Warcraft 3 special edition? :D I need to get myself one of those someday.

    The Diablo 2 one is becoming pretty rare, but when it comes up it's usually cheap. Same goes for Oblivion, which is far more common.

    Funny how I ended up mentioning both my favourite games ever in the same paragraph :D

  12. Guess I'll have to keep an eye out for Diablo 2 se then... Good, good...

    Mind you, you could have also mentioned StarCraft too...

  13. Man, I used to have this game! I was just thinking about it and did a search for it--can't believe it is selling on e-bay for $124 dollars right now. I might even still have my copy back at my parents' house. This was/is a great game, by the way, but I could never get very far into it when I was 12. Kind of always got stuck in some big demon chamber, if I'm remembering correctly. $124, Jesus God!! :0

  14. Yep, 124$.. could be worse really, but I'd suggest before selling anything off, you'd better try and finish the thing. It always feels great revisiting games after all those years you know...