Sunday, April 6, 2008

Apple Macintosh Classic

Apple Mac ClassicWhat you see in the picture above is the most beautiful computer ever designed: an Apple Macintosh Classic. Apparently it's in excellent condition too, though you won't be getting any manuals or disks to accompany it. Then again, what's on offer is the more powerful of the two Mac Classic models, the same that went for 1500$ back in 1990, meaning you'll be able to enjoy the luxury only 2MB of RAM and a lovely 40MB hard disk can provide. Now, off to eBay to bid on a Macintosh Classic Computer. US only.


  1. Dammit.

    I saw one of those for like $3.00 at a Salvation Army Store once and didn't buy it 'cause it didn't have the mouse.

    I should have bought it and made an endtable out of it or something.

  2. Actually should have bought it and sold it to me. Really. I have to have a Mac Classic. 32 doctors agree.

  3. If you're serious, I know where there is one, in excellent working condition, loaded with games (plus extra games: original Sim City, Sim Earth) and more. In fact, I was playing Macyahtzee and the Scarab of Ra (my personal favorite) last night on it.