Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nintendo Color TV Block Kuzushi

Nintendo Block Kuzushi BoxNintendo Color TV Block Kuzushi KusureIf you are into early pre-NES Nintendo consoles, you'll absolutely love what dear Retro Treasures reader Luke discovered: a Nintendo Color TV Block Kuzushi in apparently mint condition. It's a 1979 single game, single player console that was actually designed (well, the external parts of it) by a certain Shigeru Miyamoto.

The console, sometimes referred to as Block Kusure for some weird reason, plays a rather impressive version of Breakout, where the in-game paddle is controlled via a properly analog dial. Just like in the arcades really, and that's why the console went on to sale roughly 400,000 units. Interestingly, this was the first console to have a Nintendo logo on it too.

For a probably rare chance to grab one you had better try this incredibly well priced (for now at least) New in Box Nintendo Color TV Block Kuzushi eBay auction. Yes, that is NEW as in unused and boxed. How rarer can things get? Seller ships worldwide and I'm definitely tempted...


  1. Wow, thats cool... never knew there was Nintendo before the Nintendo...

  2. Then you'll be thrilled to know dear Deitrix, that it's a company with over a century of history... Impressively diverse too!

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  4. I wont to buy this item and the other items that you have there pictures too.

  5. Sorry Ahmed, but I don't actually own the items that appear on this blog. I merely try to discover the most interesting auctions on eBay. Perhaps you should give it a search...