Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Oric-1 Micro Computer

Released in 1983 by Tangerine Computer Systems, the Oric-1 was supposed to take on the mighty ZX Spectrum. The micro came in 16- and 48-k versions, sported proper 3-channel sound, featured an uncomfortable keyboard and a 6502A CPU. It was cheap, suffered from coour-clash and, as you may have noticed, failed to sell too well, despite being rather popular in France. Find out more about the rather obscure Oric-1 herehere and here.

To own a system you can do much worse than biding on this Oric-1 eBay auction. The computer comes complete in its original box, seems to be in excellent cosmetic condition and is fully functional. It is obviously accompanied by leads, demo tape, manual, PSU etc.

Seller ships to many places worldwide. 

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