Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fantastic pre-1986 Sierra collection is fantastic

Have a few thousand dollars to spend and love Sierra On-Line's early, historically important and highly collectible games? Well, you are in luck. This jaw-dropping collection of 21 pre-1986 Sierra games is waiting for you on eBay, and its seller is shipping worldwide.

You'll be grabbing the following text-adventures:

Mystery House (Apple II Hi-res adventure #1), Wizard and the Princess (Atari Hi-res adventure #2),  Cranston Manor (Apple II Hi-res adventure #3), Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Apple II Hi-Res adventure #4), Time Zone (Apple II Hi-Res adventure #5) and The Dark Crystal (both Apple II and Atari versions Hi-Res adventure #6)


Ultima I: The Original (complete SierraVenture), Mr. Cool (2 copies both complete), Marauder (complete), King's Quest I (IBM 1983 and 1984 versions), Lunar Lander (Complete vic-20), Dragon's Keep (Complete), Apple Cider Spider (Complete), Sammy Lightfoot (Complete), Sierra Championship Boxing (Complete), Stunt Flyer (Complete), Troll's Tale (1984 bag release), Laf Pak (sealed), Mouskattack (Complete), Pegasus II (Complete) and Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Small folder complete).

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