Thursday, September 5, 2013

Infocom's rare and expensive Starcross

With a price that has already surpassed $300 and more than 4 days left to it, we can be more than certain that this particular copy of Infocom's Starcross being auctioned off over at eBay is going to end up being very expensive indeed. Not that this is particularly shocking when you consider it's the rare and highly collectible flying saucer (1st) edition of the game for the Apple IIe/c/c+, but I thought I'd warn everyone. 

The game is apparently in excellent condition and the seller is shipping worldwide.


  1. I specifically remember seeing a stack of these Starcross games sitting next to a stack of the also rare plastic face Suspended games at the local K-Mart. At the time I thought something to the effect of - what's the point of that big bulky package to hold just that small disk? So at some point I opted to get the more conventional old EA-style fold open flat-box version of both games. Bummer for me...

    1. Aye, your good taste was beaten by the forces of compulsory collection. A loss indeed, but also a victory sir!