Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sega Saturn Dragon Force (PAL) Boxed

Sega Saturn Dragon Force BoxRare game are astonishingly rare and Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn is definitely one of the better of this... uh... rare breed of games. Actually, if critics are to be believed and you wisely ignore the nonsense I've typed so far, Dragon Force also happens to be an incredibly good RTS strategy game for the Saturn, that due to its low production rate has also turned into a highly sought-after collectible. To grab a copy better try your luck (and wallet) over at the aptly titled Sega Saturn Dragon Force Boxed Complete PAL eBay auction. Seller ships within Europe only.


  1. I just have to say that i have the game and i never knew it's value until today that i wanted to play the game again and discovered that it's not working and went out to try to buy a new one

  2. That's why playing off backups is a great idea my anonymous friend. Always take care of your old games!