Sunday, March 23, 2008

The classic Nintendo NES controller stash

Classic NES controllerLooking for some decently priced Nintendo NES controllers? Care to touch one of the most iconic video game accessories ever? Recently got an 8-bit multitap? Well, guess you'd probably hop over to and grab a NES Controller then. There are quite a few to chose from and shockingly some brand new ones too.


  1. Can you believe that I've never touched one of those? The only 8bit console I've played was the Master System, at a friend's house when I was a kid :)

    Now that I think of it, Nintendo was never much popular around here. Before becoming "Sony land" with the original Playstation, Portugal was definitely Sega land (and even today I believe that we have more Sega fans than Nintendo here).

  2. I can easily believe you dear Nebacha, for as far as I know this was the case in most of Europe. A strong home computer industry, then shared between Sega and the PCs, only to be traded for Sony and the PC. That's why Mario just isn't so iconic I guess... BTW, are you interested in football?

  3. For some reason the USA LOVED the NES.

    I think I would rather play some SMS games but there were some cool games out there like FF, Dragon Warrior and Kirby.

    There were a ton of NESs around a few years ago when the new systems came out. But they sold so many damn systems it's not hard to find NES stuff in the USA.

    I just got Alien 3 awhile back. Not a bad little game.

  4. Well, you can get lots of Spectrum stuff around here :) And AMSTRAD aint that rare either...

  5. "BTW, are you interested in football?"

    I assume you're talking about the European kind of football?

    To be honest no, not really. I'm a minority in a country were everything seems to stop whenever there's an important game...

    I like to watch Portugal playing in international competitions, though, and I enjoy some virtual footy from time to time, always with my friends since I don't find it so appealing against the AI

    But why do you ask?

  6. Oh, well, I thought I'd ask you about a Portuguese coach we have in my team, but I guess you wouldn't know him. His name must be spelled something like Peceiro, but I'm not sure, as everyone writes it in Greek...

  7. Unfortunately no, I don't know the guy, but I was still able to dig this up if you're interested:

    You were really close, it's Peseiro with an "s" instead of a "c".

  8. And to think I was almost ready to type it with an "s", but it seemed to easy to be correct. Heh.

    Thanks a ton for the link Nebacha! More than useful really.