Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amiga CD32, SX-1 expansion, games and stuff

Commodore Amiga CD32 with SX-1 and gamesThe Amiga CD32 almost saved Commodore you know... Almost. Anyway. What really matters is that the Amiga CD32 is an excellent (and quite pioneering) 32-bit CD-based console, that might be lacking in the exclusive software department, but more than makes up for it with the sheer quantity and quality of what's available. Find out more about it here, here and/or here.

As for the CD32 SX-1 expansion, well, it's a smart piece of kit that helps you turn your console into a fully working and quite improved Amiga 1200 computer, complete with HD connecting options, extra RAM slots, keyboard port etc. Read a review of thing here or browse through its manual here.

Now, to grab an Amiga CD32, a SX-1 expansion, a controller, a mouse, a joystick, all necessary leads and tons of games do try your luck with this Amiga CD32 bundle eBay auction. Seller ships within the UK only. The console usually goes for 20-25£, SX-1 prices start at around 15£ and the average CD32 game costs a couple or so quid.

Games included: Dangerous Streets, Wing Commander, Diggers, Nick Faldo's Championship Golf, Bubba 'n' Stix, Bump 'n'Burn, Alien Breed 3d, Oscar, Simon the Sorcerer, The Chaos Engine and James Pond "Robocod".


  1. Wow. They made a James Pond games called

    Nice auction gnome!

    Excellent auction over at shop at goodwill website. If you are in the USA...

    Zork 1 and 2 and other great games for the Atari Xl!

    Starting out at $4.00!

    Zork I
    Zork III
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  2. I'm so absolutely jealous I could eat a DVD. Damn! I want cheap boxed games too... :(

  3. Well don't feel too bad Gnome...

    Ever since Kotaku ran that damn article about the in box Dreamcast the prices have SKY ROCKETED for video game stuff.

    I have to resort to using my library science skill to find mis-cataloged video games that don't show up in the regular listings at Shopgoodwill.

    So yeah you can find some good stuff there but nothing excellent anymore...

    ...Damn you internet otaku! You had Ebay!!! Why screw up all the rest of the online stores!!!!

  4. Are you serious? I've had Robocod since I was a kid. Always known that James Pond was just the characters name!

  5. I never knew that the James Pond Character was on the Amiga at all.

    I only thought it was on the Genesis and SNES.

    It must be a bigger thing in the UK.

    Robocod...damn that's a tough pun.

  6. Ah, lovely! Good old days. I used to have a CD³² with the SX-1 Expansion thingy. It was rather perfect. I was able to play Worms (Director's Cut) with random music CDs, I put in. Gorgeous.

  7. Sounds more than gorgeous indeed, but -really- how could anything Amiga not be brilliant? Oh, and what have you done with the thing?