Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sega Dreamcast Ikaruga

As far as shmups (shut-'em-ups in Old English) go, Ikaruga by Treasure must be one of the best and most influential games ever released. As for its relatively rare Sega Dreamcast edition, well, besides offering the standard amazing visuals and polarity gameplay, it also commands some impressive ebay prices. Well, at least it usually does. Better have a look at this Ikaruga Dreamcast (jpn) auction. The current bid is only 5.5£ and the seller ships worldwide.


  1. class.... stylish and still going for spare change....

  2. And my 10 euro copy still plays amazingly too...

  3. hOLY CRAP!

    What a nice price for that classic.

    I mean crap the Gamecube version of that is going for $40 if you get it cheap!

    So many Dreamcast games...

  4. And quality titles too. Ikaruga must be my second best shmup ever, right after Raiden in the arcades, but that must be nostalgia talking...