Friday, August 3, 2007

Atari 2600 complete with 130 unique Games

A collection spanning 30 years of love and careful attention has appeared on ebay. Everything, System, accessories & games have been cleaned, inside and out and the seller has securely tucked every game into it's very own dustproof bag. How fanatic is that!

Seller in US ships only to US. . . damn there had to be a catch!

Atari 2600 and 130 really cosy games on

Atari 2600 Games Rarity checker on


  1. Sublime. Majestic. US only? :(

  2. I am sorry but that creepy baby face in the sunflower just threw me off...

    ...Creepy baby face in sunflower...brrr...

  3. Us only Im afrad Gnome, ...and the catapult is burnt to a cinder... shame really

    I kinda liked the creepy baby sunflower head.... provided it dosen't move....

  4. (gnome comes in dragging huge shrink-wrapped box)

    For you Mr. Elderly! Won't you open it?

  5. gee for me... why Gnome.. you shouldn't have... wow this is so exciting.... look at the size of it, I wonder what it is.....

    (get ladder, rips open shrink wrap....stands back...)


    it's a f&^%%%% catapult!!!
    erm I mean it's a beautiful catapult... incredible.... really how did you think of such an original gift..... im stunned.... literally speechless..... petrifie.. erm exhilerated...

    hey I have an idea, why don't you try it first.....? really I insist, your generosity knows no ends.....

  6. You wont's mind? Ahh, but I shouldn't. It's a gift. Really? Ok. I'll give it a try then!






  7. ...thats exactly why I'm scared shitless of catapults...

    (watches Gnome sliding down the blog wall....)

    typical.. ignoring me isn't going to make me any less fearful... though you have left quite the impression on that wall.....

  8. (someone better clean up said impression please)


  9. (cleans up impression...) pity it would have made a great centerpiece for the tourist tours...

    (hangs sign on wall.. gets rid of Gnomes body)

    sign reads: Visit the death place of Gnome the Magnificent.... matinee tickets available....