Friday, August 31, 2007

Atari 2600 Light Sixer and 30 Classic Games

Originally released in October 1977, the 2600 was manufactured in Sunnyvale, California. The consoles manufactured here had thick internal RF shielding & thick plastic molding around the sides & bottom. These added weight to the console, and being that all 6 switches were on the front, these consoles were nicknamed "Heavy Sixers". After this first year, production moved to Hong Kong, and the consoles manufactured there had thinner RF shielding & plastic molding da da.. the the birth of the "Light Sixer".

Having hidden in a subterranean cave for several years a classic example of the light sixers has survived, and is presenting itself in this most excellent ebay lot.

Atari 2600 Light Sixer & 30 games on
Atari Light Sixer,
30 Games,
original Atari transformer,
2 Atari joysticks, 2 paddles
Seller in Us, ships only to US

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