Friday, April 27, 2012

ZX Spectrum 48k & Warranty

This particular Sinclair ZX Spectrum + (48k) might not be the cheapest one around, but it still is one of the very best Spectrums you can get your retro-loving hands on. The micro has been fully serviced, comes with a selection of excellent modifications and impressively sports a 30 days warranty! What's more, the auction includes the complete box of the Speccy (with polys, manual, cassette and everything), a Panasonic cassette player, a joystick and its interface, all leads and 13 games. Seller ships only within the UK.


  1. The Sinclair Spectrum is 30 years old this very month. And it's still awesome. The BBC has been covering it on their website.

    1. And that's what I call quality coverage! Argh, have to find a permanent place for my Speccy it seems...