Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Atari Add-A-Pak: The Arcade Champ

Most of Atari's Add-A-Pak software/hardware bundles has such titles as The Atari Accountant or Home Manager, but dear Retro Treasures reader Gary discovered something pretty amazing (and very obscure indeed): Atari Add-A-Pak: The Arcade Champ. A lovely and mostly forgotten box sporting 2 CX40 joysticks, one Pac-Man cartridge, one Qix cartridge and a lovely cartridge storage case for Atari's 8-bit home-micros.

The seller has five of said packs available and each one is apparently complete, in good condition and properly boxed. Seller is also, rather handily, shipping worldwide. 


  1. Nice! I have one of those cartridge cases, and had never seen another one like it. Mystery solved, thanks Gnome!

    1. A pleasure dear ionmyke. Besides, that fedora needed dusting...