Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A ton of excellent C64 games

I just couldn't resist and had to bid on this pretty fantastic Commodore 64 games lot. It's a true bundle of joy that comes complete with such brilliant, boxed games as Bureaucracy, The Pawn, Spy VS Spy Vol I & II, Time And Magik and Impossible Mission. Seven lovely games on cartridge are also included. Seller ships worldwide and if this goes for less than 100$ it will be a true bargain indeed. 


  1. Hey that IS a nice set. Several other Infocom titles in there too and some others personal C64 favorites I used to have like Summer Games, Temple of Apshai, and Choplifter. Good luck with the bidding!

  2. Thanks a ton MadPlanet, but it seems I wont have much of chance really... Still, one can always hope. It's a lovely collection. Ooops. Just been outbid!