Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forty Niner (ZX81)

Well, Retro Treasures is back to normal (and preparing a few new features for your entertainment) and I thought I'd remind you all of the pretty excellent Sell My Retro auction site, that does seem to have a soft spot for them classic 8-bit micros. This lovely copy of Forty Niner for the Sinclair ZX81 is a prime example of the quality -and even obscure- games you can hope to find there. It comes in its original case, sports some lovely cover art and is one of the most impressive ZX81 games released. Find out more about it here


  1. Cool game and awesome site.
    Forty Niner is the first game I've ever seen my computer run at 50 FPS :P

  2. Glad you liked the site. It's pretty excellent I must admit, and Forty Niner is a beauty too. Oh, and love your site.