Monday, March 28, 2011

Sealed SNES Syndicate

A sealed, NTSC copy of Syndicate for the Nintendo SNES is a rare thing indeed, whereas the seller of this NTSC Syndicate ships worldwide. See the connection? Excellent, for Syndicate is one of the best, darkest, and more unique RTS games ever created and definitely the only truly sublime strategy game for your console. 


  1. Great game, though the console ports were pretty different from the Amiga/Mac/PC/Acorn releases. The level design/missions are somewhat different and the graphics are more cartoon-like. However, it's still a good game. The Mega Drive version lives on in the PSP EA Replay bundle and is much the same as the Snes port. I think they might have had mouse support on the console versions too. A modern remake with stylus support would be most welcome on the DS/3DS.

  2. It would indeed make a brilliant DS game dear Bob. Then again the 3DS is getting its very own Gollop strategy game... BTW, there have been some rumours circulating regarding the revival of Syndicate but I'm pretty sure Molyneux will have nothing to do with it.