Wednesday, February 25, 2015

VTech's Laser 200 Color Computer

Released in 1983, the Laser 200 Color Computer may have not been a technological breakthrough, but it was one of the cheapest 8-bit micros of the era and also one that could output colour graphics. Designed in Honk Kong around the Z80A, the computer came with Microsoft's BASIC in ROM, 8kb of RAM and the ability to display up to nine colours. VTech's micro was also launched as the TX8000 in the UK and the rather famous Dick Smith VZ 200 in Australia and New Zealand.

To own one of these cute machines, you could always bid on this Laser 200 Color Computer eBay auction. The micro has been tested and is working, comes in its original box and is supplied complete with polly inserts, TV and tape leads, manuals, demo tape and power supply. Seller ships to Europe, United States, Japan, Canada and Australia.

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