Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A brilliant Amiga 600HD in a box

The not particularly successful Commodore Amiga 600 may have been an unneeded updated to the already mediocre A500+, but it remains a lovely and very compact 16-bit micro. You can actually find this out by grabbing this boxed Amiga 600 via eBay. It comes complete in its box with a mouse, the full Workbench, Kindword, Deluxe Paint III, Pushover, Putty and Grand Prix. Keep in mind that the computer has had its RAM upgraded to 1MB and sports a 120MD hard drive. Seller ships to the European Union, Canada and the USA.


  1. Ah, I <3 my A600. It was a great little computer. Cute and cuddly and surprisingly powerful. Yeah, it might have lacked the numeric pad, and wasn't compatible with the tonnes of expansions the A500/A500+ got, but dammit, it's lovely! You could play Secret of Monkey Island or Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis without disc swapping! (Seriously, if you've ever tried playing one of those SCUMM games of floppy, I know your pain)

    Actually, today the A600 is one of the best models of Amiga to pick up is surprisingly expandable. You can swap the HDD for a Compact Flash card and give your Amiga an SSD drive! Thanks to that inclusion of the PCMCIA slot, you can add an 802.11b wifi card or an ethernet adapter. Or, download software on a PC or Mac and copy it over from using another compact flash card like a massive floppy disc. Or, track down one of those PCMCIA ramsticks and give your A600 some fast ram and see it speed up. There are even accelerators and internal scandoublers available now, so you can use a PC monitor or HDTV. It's just an awesome little computer and if you can't find or can't afford an A1200, this is still a great Amiga to choose. I love mine and have many happy memories of playing games on my A600.

    Just not the disc-swapping though. I could live without that.

  2. And, as I've yet to install a hard-disk on my A1200, you've just given me an idea for a whole new project. Getting it fully upgraded, SSD HD and extra RAM and all, and then connected to the internets!

    Had actually forgotten of the PCMCIA slot...

    Also frankly HATE the disk-swapping.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun Gnome. You should be able to find all you need at Amiga Kit on the web. Couple of You Tube videos you might find useful -

    Hope that helps mate. Breathe new life into your Miggy!

    1. Excellent! That was wow... just excellent. Thanks a ton dear Bob!