Monday, July 11, 2011

Sharp X68000 Pro

The Sharp X68000 Pro is a powerful (well, for its time obviously) and pretty slick 16-bit home micro that was more or less the equivalent of a Japanese Amiga. It was released only in Japan and to this day remains far from cheap. This particular Sharp X68000 Pro from eBay comes with a decent price tag, mouse and keyboard, and RGB to VGA cable and 10 (!) boxed games. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Many people complain about the Sharp being relegated to Japan while western market had "only" Amiga and PC. While you can spend a week arguing on which computer is better and which is worst, the fact is x68000 had arcade perfect conversions and was a great machine itself. Then again, I'd probably never exchange my Amiga with this, mainly because Commodore is a religion, and Sharp only produces calculators.

  2. Tehehe... A wise way to see things oh Mik. As for me, if it weren't for the language barrier, I'd love to have at least one Japanese micro to keep the Amiga some company.