Saturday, July 2, 2011

Α 18.75Mhz TRANSWARP IIGS accelerator

The wise curator of the excellent Byte Cellar has discovered something that will get Apple retroheads most excited: a 18.75Mhz Transwarp GS for the Apple IIGS. The lovely set of chips Applied Engineering came up with to boost the performance of the GS and actually make it more powerful than the fastest Amiga. Quite an impressive and relatively rare piece of kit then... Seller ships worldwide, and I wouldn't expect the thing to be too cheap.


  1. Thanks for the nod :-)

    It's an impressive piece of kit, to be sure. Even the standard 8MHz (or so) Transwarps go for lots of $$ on eBay. This will climb pretty high.

    I've got a lesser ZipGS accelerator in my machine, just 7MHz, but it's nothing compared to that Transwarp.

  2. That's impressive enough for me mind - 7MHz sound more than enough to be frank. Still haven't gotten a GS you see and have been thinking about it since highschool.

    Oh, and every nod to your excellent cellar is a pleasure :)