Friday, January 14, 2011

Amiga 1200 Desktop Dynamite

The insanely popular Amiga Desktop Dynamite bundle was a beautiful box of 32-bit creative and gaming joy. It was after all filled with a selection of goodies, that included the Amiga 1200 computer, Wordworth 2.0, the AGA version of Deluxe Paint 4, Print Manager, Workbench, manuals, fonts and two games (Oscar, Dennis). As for the A1200 itself, well, it really was a fantastic 32-bit computer that had some amazing games published for it, while retaining its close to 100% compatibility with the Amiga 500.

Happily, you can own said bundle (provided you live in the UK) via this A1200 Desktop Dynamite auction. Besides the retro goodies mentioned above, you'll also be getting three mice, two joysticks, five games in their boxes (including Grand Prix), demo discs, some pirated games and a few spare floppy discs. An excellent chance, really.


  1. I loved my A1200 and was using it as my only computer until 10 years ago. I tricked mine out with a Apollo 040 accelerator and 8Mb of Fast Ram, a 2Gb hard drive, CD ROM and a VGA adapter that let me use any of the video modes on a SVGA monitor.

    A great machine and one I have fond memories of. I still have it. One day, I'm going to get a wireless card and download all those hard drive installers for my games.

  2. This sounds excellent. An A1200 is after all worth the attention. I unfortunately haven't even managed to install a HD to mine and -on an even sadder note- the monitor sort of exploded. I'll fix things as soon as some money manifests itself :)

  3. You can find lots of excellent add-ons at

    including the wireless card for the A1200. They have a UK/US/Canada store, so international shipping is pretty easy.

  4. You satanically tempting Bob, you! Amazing stuff...

  5. Mwah ha ha! My work here is done.

    /Twirls moustache/