Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Complete SEGA SC-3000

SEGA SC-3000

Retro Treasures featured the rare beauty that is Sega's SC-3000 home micro only once, and that was ages ago, which apparently is a shame. The SC-3000 is a beautiful, rare, unique and very collectible Sega computer. It was released in 1983 and sold mainly to Japan, Australia and New Zealand, was based on the Master System's console daddy, sported some impressive for the time graphics and many excellent games. You can find out more about the SC-3000 here and you can try an emulator for the thing here.

In order to own the actual machine, you can try a certain -particularly impressive- Sega SC-3000 auction @ eBay. You will not only be bidding on a mint condition, boxed, home-micro, but also on the very rare Super Control Station, the equally rare Sega modem, a data cassette player, 8 cartridges and 3 games on tape. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Wow, that is a nice collection! I wasn't aware these existed until a few days ago, I read about it while I was doing some research on a beautiful Mark III I just picked up. These old Sega systems are ridiculously cool. Slightly off topic, but have you seen the Sega Telecon for the MK3? I've never wanted a random piece of plastic on top of my tv so bad...

  2. Never, eh? Now that's a statement ... :) Anyway. I unfortunately wasn't aware of the thing until now, so thanks a ton eyeon. Also, you are quite right. Classic Japanese SEGA machines are beautiful. Have been thinking about a Mark III myself recently.

  3. Okay, maybe not NEVER. For now that spot is being reserved for my Atari Video Music (!), scored one in perfect condition, in the original box, all manuals and even the styrofoam survived.. I'm excited. I came across the Mark III on Craigslist, it's amazing. Original box is nice, console looks untouched, and it even has the little screw in joysticks. Do you know anything about the games? It came with these 7 cards, in great condition as well. Judging by ebay, these types of boxes don't seem real common, they all have windows in em except for the spy vs. spy. Here's a pic:

    and a bonus pic of the Sega Guarantee ;)

    sorry for always hijacking your posts!

  4. Don't really know much about the Mark III games, but I do now those are some most impressive photos.

    And, please, do hijack posts!

  5. Thanks, I will. Still, the question remains, who, (or what) is John Sands?

  6. Not as mysterious or exciting as I had hoped.

    "Although it never made it to America, the console, as well as a compatible Sega-made personal computer called SC-3000, were sold in Australia by a game publisher called John Sands Electronics."

  7. To be brutally honest, I could live wit that :)