Monday, August 2, 2010

The Amstrad Sega Mega PC

Amstrad Mega PCAmstrad Sega Mega PC

Haven't seen one of those Sega MegaDrive/PC hybrids by Amstrad for quite some time, so I guess they are getting rarer and -apparently- much more expensive, as this particular Amstrad Sega Mega PC comes with a Buy It Now price of £175.00. And you'll have to get to Chesterfield, UK to get it, but still. It's a lovely little failed oddity, isn't it?

The Mega PC is after all both a proper 386SX PC and a fully functioning Sega MegaDrive crammed into one desktop box and sharing a monitor. This particular one seems to be in great shape and comes with a few interesting extras, including a copy of Windows 3.1. Sadly no games are included. 


  1. Haha, I was going to get one of these :P

  2. Me too, but that was only a couple years ago abd I decided I lacked the space for the thing.