Saturday, March 20, 2010

Atari 2600 with 93 games

atari vcs

This quite impressive bundle would have cost you a small fortune 25 years ago, but can now be grabbed cheaply over @ eBay. Seller only ships to US addresses. It's a classic Atari 2600 console, that comes complete with two joysticks, two paddles, all necessary leads & bits and an amazing selection of 93 games. 

Said games include offerings by Activision, Atari, Coleco, I magic and more, and include such gems as Atlantis, Demon Attack, Asteroids, Pitfall!, Keystone Kapers, Amidar, Donkey Kong Junior and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Quite a few rarities among them it seems, then. 


  1. Well US $152.50 final price is a small fortune, at leat for me... ;)

  2. Well, for me too at the moment, but it's quite a bargain nenetheless. Actually, a pretty great bargain...