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bargain.bin retro review: Target; Renegade (8-bits)

Target; Renegade Cover Inlay SpectrumPeople keep on talking about Streets of Rage 2, as if it actually were the best retro side-scrolling beat-'em-up you could ever play in the comfort of your home. How very odd! We all know that Target; Renegade on the ZX Spectrum was better, don't we? And affordable too. And released back in 1988 by Imagine, all those years after Ocean had already gotten said publishing label for itself. Oh, and it also was a truly rare instance of a sequel to an arcade that didn't get an arcade sequel, meaning of course that it was the sequel to an 8-bit arcade conversion; the aptly named Renegade.

Now, assuming not everyone has (had) a Spectrum or a capacity for vivid memories, let me briefly remind everyone what Target; Renegade was all about. You, the player, entered the 80s shoes of ridiculously-named Renegade in a mission to avenge your brother's death. This of course would turn out to be a particularly violent mission, as the game would take you for a brutal fight through the gritty locales of Scumville in search of Mr. Big, a gang-lord and a murderer, whom you would then have to beat to death; preferably with a snooker cue. Not Dostoevsky exactly, I know, but these games can't be judged by their plot, can they?

So, why care about Target; Renegade then? Easy. The game features some great, impressively varied graphics, a lovely selection of baddies that cover everything from ladies of the night and shooters to Beastie Boys fans, excellent controls, excellent pace and five -yes, excellently- characterful stages to battle through. Oh, and, yes, it plays brilliantly (and in a most excellent manner) and is as addictive as, well, a particularly addictive thing. In a nutshell, it's an absolute classic and it hasn't aged a day!

Only problem is it's a multiload, but -in our age of the emulator and the mp3 player- that shouldn't really bother anyone...

Target Renegade C64Other, by definition inferior (though some might argue with that), versions of Target; Renegade have appeared on the CPC, the Commodore 64 and even Nintendo's very own NES. Oh, and if you have a 128k Speccy prepare yourselves for some fantastic music too.

Where to get it:
Target; Renegade (all formats):,
Free Download (Spectrum version): World of Spectrum
Remakes: Target; 2006, Target Renegade Remake

More info on Target; Renegade:

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    Btw, since we're at it: I'm buying a small digital frame with a resolution of 320x240px to run a slideshow of 8-bit screens on it. I've got a CPC screenies archive, and I think I've also got the c64 one, but where could I find some screens from Speccy games? I know WoW has ftp access to their archive, but limitations are too strict...

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    Quite a few piccies can also be found at

    Oh, and I've got some Zenobi loading screens here:

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    You can find 3" or 3.5" frames for quite cheap. Around the 30 euros mark at most.

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    Take a look here, for instance: . And the good thing at this size is that they have the proper resolution, too :) (they have free shipping at DX, too)

    It'd be really nice if you could dig some zip up - maybe, if you do have the WoS archive, you could zip up the screens dir?

  15. I really wouldn't know, but guess I could actually go on and create an art & screens zip myself...

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  16. Well; if you ever do create an archive for yourself please do recall this discussion :)