Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Atari Lynx 2 love

lynx 2lynx gamesWe all know the Atari Lynx has always been the better handheld and probably have even learned to prefer the definitely improved Atari Lynx II. What's more a boxed Lynx 2 with 4 games has been listed on eBay and the seller ships worldwide. Said games are Batman Returns, Checkered Flag, Pit Fighter (oh, dear) and a football game, and you'll also be getting all manuals and a power supply. Average Lynx prices start at 20£, 40$ or 25 euros.


  1. I have always wanted to try out Batman Returns on the Lynx.

    And of course that damn Dracula game that I have been looking for FOREVER.

  2. Batman Returns is a pretty great game with fantastic graphics, though definitely not an utterly brilliant or long one. As for Dracula, I've only played it a bit in emulation mind you, it seems a proper adventure with a smart Labyrinth-esque interface.