Thursday, May 15, 2014

The entire Jupiter ACE project (including the brand itself) up for grabs!

So, first thing first, here's the link to the utterly impressive Jupiter Ace auction on eBay. And just to round things up, here's a link to to the official Jupiter Ace website, where you'll get all the details on what's on offer and see whether the £10,000 starting bid is something worth considering. 

Now, assuming you are either a museum, a historical society or a start-up with a mad plan and can afford such things, you'll have to know that the Jupiter Ace was a very ambitious and quite frankly brilliant 8-bit micro from the early '80s that failed to sell well and has become incredibly rare and collectible. Of note is the fact that the Ace's Sinclair-bred designers decided to use the much faster and more advanced Forth language instead of BASIC.

As for the auction itself, well, it'll get you all that is left from the company, including all rights and permissions to the Jupiter Ace brand, hardware and software. You'll also get all the original development tapes in the briefcase pictured above, another 90 tapes of masters and unpublished stuff, even more software filled tapes, a complete working Jupiter Ace with a 16k RAM pack, one 3k Jupiter Ace,  an empty case moulding, documents, games, promotional material and a ton more.

Seller ships worldwide.

[via Retro Collect]


  1. Wait-they're selling the entire rights for the computer?

    This is a serious candidate for the best retro-auction ever.

    1. Oh, yes, it definitely is beyond exciting. You are right; possibly the best auction ever and one that could lead to really interesting stuff...