Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fully boxed Acorn Electron collection

The affordable version of the BBC Micro, the excellent Acorn Electron, has appeared on another auction, though this time both it and all its extras are boxed and lovely and you can bid on everything via this Acorn Electron link. You'll be getting the complete, boxed micro, the equally boxed cassette deck, the boxed Introductory Cassette and a sealed collection of games that includes Snapper, Starship Command and Boxer.

Seller ships worldwide, excluding Russia, China, Italy, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


  1. So I can't have it? How very sad :(

    1. Very odd too, though I suppose you could contact the seller and ask for a break :)

  2. I would if I was seriously interested :) by the way I can't really blame the seller, you know, Italy is a wonderful country and all but when it comes to online business there's always some douchebag that kills reputation of milions of respectable people. I guess we deserve it since no one seems to do something about that.