Monday, May 26, 2014

eBay Rampage: Sega Game Gear

Sega's Game Gear was the first handheld device to ever play a Sonic game and, for that alone, you should love it. Interestingly, it also was a powerful and power hungry console that had an excellent selection of games and add-ons released for it, and is a joy to collect for and play on. So, here are the most intriguing Game Gear offerings currently available on eBay:

Complete white Sega Game Gear. Worldwide, Buy It Now.

Barbie Game Gear prototype. Worldwide, ends 1 Jun. 2014.

NINKU limited edition Game Gear (boxed). Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, ends 28 May 2014.

GG Battery Pack (boxed). UK, Buy It Now.

7 complete Game Gear games. Worldwide, ends 29 May 2014.

Master Gear Converter. Worldwide, Buy It Now.

Magic Knight Rayearth system. Worldwide, ends 1 Jun. 2014.

Game Gear console. Worldwide, ends 31 May 2014.


  1. Easy and really significant to collect, the Game Gear was my wet dream as a kid, being a Master System lover. But when it comes to play with it, it's a total deluision. You can't really see anything on that screen, and batteries last only a few hours. Also, the screen and the audio are totally unreliable, and tend to break suddenly. The only thing that can prevent this is an RGB/VGA hack, but it's a little bit tricky and requires some skills with solder and wires... and it's a pity because once you manage to do that, you discover that with a proper screen the GG could compete with any 8 bit system.

    1. I will reluctantly admit that, though not this severe, there are quite a few problems with my beloved Atari Lynx. BUT! put on those nostalgic spectacles and all looks fine ;)