Monday, May 5, 2014

Lynx I w/ 28 games & accessories

Sooo, uhm, here's a fantastic auction for an Atari Lynx & games & accessories! The highest bidder will not only get a mark I version of Atari's overpowered handheld, but also 28 (17 of them boxed) games, an official carrying pouch, the battery pack, an AC adaptor and a ComLynx cable for all of hers/his multiplayer needs. Seller ships only to European addresses.

Among the 27 games you'll find such classics as Chip's Challenge, Shadow of the Beast, STUN Runner, Toki, Dracula, Rampart, Slime World, Ninja Gaiden, Rampage!, Xybots and Gauntlet.


  1. What a fantastic but underrated console. I still have a number of Lynx games, including an autographed copy of Chip's Challenge on my shelf.

    1. Autographed? That really is impressive; congratulations!

      Also, I have to agree. The Lynx is a brilliant console with more than a few excellent games and the best arcade ports of its time.

      I have four of the things sitting around Retro Treasures towers.