Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road Riot 4WD (Atari Lynx)

The amazing Blake of the equally amazing ByteCellar has apparently done it again! He discovered a way for you (and me) to play the criminally unreleased Road Riot 4WD on the Atari Lynx. It's pretty simple too really, as all we have to do is visit the link to Road Riot 4WD on eBay and grab one of the available copies for a very reasonable $39.95. Following that, inserting the cart into the Lynx should be all that's required. Uhm, yes... Seller ships worldwide.

Oh, and if you have to know, the seller somehow found the unreleased and most probably complete code of the game after the closure of Atari and then transferred it onto an EPROM board. The game itself looks pretty brilliant and technically impressive and you can find out more about it over at The Atari Times.

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