Friday, January 20, 2012

Atari Lynx & Games

Having already grabbed all the Atari Lynx consoles anyone could care to own, I thought I'd try and get you into the tasteful and at times expensive Lynx collecting hobby too. Yes, I can be nasty like that, but you'll have to admit that the Lynx is a fantastic console, that to this day sports some of the best handheld arcade ports ever. Anyway. This lovely Atari Lynx eBay auction should be a great place to start. The handheld (a Mark I Lynx) comes in fully working condition and is accompanied both by the official carrying case and four games including California Games and Turbo Sub. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Did you finally get around to grabbing a model 1? I remember preaching it's awesomeness to you, the thing is a tank.

    1. I did (in a most unexpected way)! And I'm loving it already.