Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Panasonic MSX Turbo R

The last of the MSX line, the MSX Turbo R, was only supported by Panasonic, turned out to be a wildly unpopular machine and one exclusive to Japan, thus becoming a very hard to find computer, that usually sells for more than 80$ (60 euros, 40£). Shame really, as it sported quite a few decent games as well as backwards MSX compatibility.

The MSX Turbo-R is a powerful 16-bit computer with excellent graphics & audio, that can easily stand up to the Amiga 500 or the Nintendo SNES and features some impressive expansion options. Find out more on the hardware side of things by clicking here and here.

For a (slightly overpriced) chance to grab one of these rarities -in excellent boxed condition, no less- better try this MSX Turbo R auction. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. Turboooooooooo!!!

    ....I'll feel better now!

  2. hey we've formed a symbiotic relationship with the word Turbooooo
    how refreshing is that.... wow!!!!

  3. Turbobiotic! It's the future!

    Turbo, turbo, turbo, turbo, TURBO!

  4. (takes out air guitar, conveniently set aside for occasions such as this.....)

    Turbo turbohhh!! tuboom!... Turboliscious.....

    (shakes head... steam rises for the invisible strings.....)

  5. Amiga500 was far better than this. TurboR was crippled with awful conception (z80+pseudo risc cpu).

    Even Atari ST could do more.

  6. You're quite right dear anonymous, but you have to admit it was an interesting machine that -almost- was on par with the other 16-bits. Well, at least better than most 8-bits. Ahem. Yes, right. :)