Monday, August 27, 2007

1976 Atari Super Pong

Pong is a video game released originally as a coin-operated arcade game by Atari Inc. on November 29, 1972. Super Pong was a refinement on the original home console version, providing 4 different variations of Pong games to delight and entertain it's owners. As luck would have it A super pong Atari game system from 1976, in perfect working order, and with it's original box and warranty registration card! has arrived on ebay for you delectation.

Seller in US ships only to US.

Atari Super Pong on

Pong-Story comprehensive guide to pong
Pong Owners Manual scanned on flickr


  1. 4 variations of Pong!? I'm speechless...

  2. probably a touch of laryngitis... here gargel with some of this....

    (elderly passes over a full glass of tequila....)

  3. Oooooh... beetter... Still, 4 versions of Pong?

  4. i know... incredible... and they've a no pong option.. but that involves shutting down the system...

  5. Atari was never my cup of tea.

    I stayed with Commodore until the PC was made available.


  6. I see... Well, it's a matter of gaming taste really, innit? Then again, both the C64 and the Amiga were amazing machines...

  7. i went in my parents attic for the first time since i was living at home and found a super pong 4 games owners manual model no. c-140 from 1976.

  8. Now, that's what I call luck. Really. Why not look for an Intellivision too.. you never know...